Brilliant doctor !

- 24.6.2021

Very helpful, informed me about all my options and saw me throughout the post-op recovery process.

- 19.5.2021

Mr Vijendren was keen to move quickly with short turnarounds between appointments and a very short wait to schedule me for surgery. Post-surgery care was quick and effective and am now (3 weeks post-surgery) breathing better through my nose

- 21.4.2021

Excellent and super quick.

- 6.4.2021

I could not have asked for a better doctor in Ananth, diagnosed my issue almost immediately when other doctors had failed and then performed the surgery himself to resolve the issue.

- 24.3.2021

I found Dr V to be an excellent consultant.

- 15.3.2021

Mr Vijendren is always really clear and knowledgable and helpful. i feel confident my ears are in good hands!

- 10.3.2021

Mr. Vijendren has been my Consultant for the last few months. He is always polite and professional, but also very approachable. He takes the time to explain things clearly, and also deals with any concerns that may arise. I feel very privileged to be in his care.

- 9.3.2021

Since I have been under the care of Mr Vijendren , i have received nothing but the best care , i finally got answers to a diagnosis, so thank you

- 9.3.2021

Excellent explanations and very helpful. Talks to patients like they are intelligent human beings very good st putting people at ease.

- 9.3.2021

Excellent treatment under Dr Ananth Vijendren, highly confident and understanding of my treatment and replied quickly to any queries made in detail and listened well to my health problems. Would highly recommend Dr Ananth Vijendren!

- 31.12.2020