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Medical Consultation



Mr Vijendren is an exceptional ENT and I would recommend him to anyone. He is extremely intelligent and at the top of his game yet always takes to time to listen attentively and, crucially, with a high degree of empathy. His treatment of my chronic ear infection, which included operating on my middle ear and repairing my ear drum, was exceptional at every point and I could not have got through the whole ordeal without him. He is probably the best doctor I have ever had.

- 16.12.2021

I found Dr Vijendren to be extremely personable, very capable and his consultation was the most thorough I’ve experienced. He patiently answered all of my questions and concerns, outlining possible options and giving measured advice when needed which generated trust and gave me the confidence to go ahead with surgery to correct a deviated septum (an issue which was ignored by previous consultants) to unblock my sinuses. The surgery itself could not have have been smoother, and I am indebted to Dr Vijendren for not only improving the quality of my life, but also to have gained from him a much deeper understanding of my condition.

- 1.12.2021

Very helpful. Helped me with a keloid scar and did the surgery for me. Was very clear with the process risks etc.. surgery was performed very well and gave extra medication to help with the healing process. Very pleased overall with Mr Vijendrens help.

- 17.11.2021

Excellent Could not fault the experience Well informed and comfortable

- 27.11.2021

Explained everything in detail, flexible with procedures and medication and didn't pressure you into only doing the operation route, listened to all issue and tried to tackle all as well as expectations

- 3.11.2021


Really happy with my septoplasty, results were better than expected and great overall experience

- 4.8.2021

Mr Vijendren is an amazing surgeon, a fantastic professional people person with a calm and compassionate nature. He has a friendly reassuring face, I honestly trust him so much. if I ever needed operations again I know 100% I’m safe in his hands and that he cares about the quality of his work and the aftercare. My operation was a complete success with no complications all thanks to this wonderful Man.

- 6.7.2021

Brilliant doctor !

- 24.6.2021

Very helpful, informed me about all my options and saw me throughout the post-op recovery process.

- 19.5.2021

Mr Vijendren was keen to move quickly with short turnarounds between appointments and a very short wait to schedule me for surgery. Post-surgery care was quick and effective and am now (3 weeks post-surgery) breathing better through my nose

- 21.4.2021

Excellent and super quick.

- 6.4.2021

I could not have asked for a better doctor in Ananth, diagnosed my issue almost immediately when other doctors had failed and then performed the surgery himself to resolve the issue.

- 24.3.2021

I found Dr V to be an excellent consultant.

- 15.3.2021

Mr Vijendren is always really clear and knowledgable and helpful. i feel confident my ears are in good hands!

- 10.3.2021

Mr. Vijendren has been my Consultant for the last few months. He is always polite and professional, but also very approachable. He takes the time to explain things clearly, and also deals with any concerns that may arise. I feel very privileged to be in his care.

- 9.3.2021

Since I have been under the care of Mr Vijendren , i have received nothing but the best care , i finally got answers to a diagnosis, so thank you

- 9.3.2021

Excellent explanations and very helpful. Talks to patients like they are intelligent human beings very good at putting people at ease.

- 9.3.2021

Excellent treatment under Dr Ananth Vijendren, highly confident and understanding of my treatment and replied quickly to any queries made in detail and listened well to my health problems. Would highly recommend Dr Ananth Vijendren!

- 31.12.2020

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