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External Resources

The list of websites and organisations below are official societies and charities that contain invaluable information for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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This is the official website for ENT surgeons in the UK. It contains information on various conditions, patient information and leaflets, which are free to browse and download.


Tinnitus is a dreadful condition that affects many people in the population and can be very difficult to manage. This official website provides a variety of useful and up-to-date tools to help patients deal with their tinnitus.


This is the largest UK charity on hearing loss, providing day-to-day support for people with hearing issues. The site contains accessible information to help patients manage their condition and access their rights.

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The UK's leading charity for people with Meniere's disease and balance disorders provides lots of useful information for patients suffering with dizziness as well as latest research within the field.


UK-based, patient-led, registered charity dedicated to supporting people with thyroid disorders.


This charity  aims to provide support and advice to people affected by smell and taste-related disorders. It provides information on rehabliitation, management and access to specialist clinics around the country.


This is one the largest charities in the UK providing support, advice and specialist health care information for people suffering from cancer in the UK.


The site provides support and advice for professional voice users and patients affected by voice disorders. It works closely with speech and language therapists and ENT surgeons and lists voice clinics around the country.

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